Managing pain the wise way

Pain is the way your body reacts to illness or injury. We all respond to pain differently because what you may think is painful to you may not be painful to someone else. Pain is caused by several things like surgery, disease, injury just to mention a few. Pain is a debilitate condition, but there are ways to manage it.

The initial step in pain management is arranging an appointment with a doctor to find out the probable cause of the pain as well as determine which pain management approach is most effectual for it. The fact that pain is physical and real, people will always experience pain differently. It is measured according to one’s perception. Here are approaches in which you can manage pain:

Pain should be approached in an emotional and physical way while addressing those affected. For chronic pain, medication is the best effective way.


Various medications are prescribed for managing pain. Narcotics can also be used although they are mainly used for treating minor pain. Medications such as Tylenol, steroids, NSAIDs and anti-seizure are best for chronic pain management.


Therapy is mainly carried out to both body and mind. There are two types of therapy mainly the physical therapy and the cognitive behavioral therapy.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy is of great importance in any pain management program. Pain may get to its worst levels in case you had exercise carried out in an incorrect manner. To avoid this type of pain, consider telling your physical therapist to schedule you the correct exercise program. Appropriate exercise builds your body tolerance thus reducing your pain; also you will not overdo it hence no pain at the end.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

This kind of therapy helps people learn and also have a good understanding of what caused the pain and how they can go about it. It deeply explains the role of pain in our general life and what it means for you to endure it.

Relaxation and massage treatment

Apart from medication and therapy, your specialist may prescribe some relaxation techniques which often help you calm down the affected area. In case you have back pain, massage is a good way of managing the pain.

Other pain management methods include:


-manipulation techniques

-biofeedback which involves muscle tension control

-heat and cold therapy

It is important to know that managing pain is not only about dealing with the physical tenderness, but also managing the emotional stress that may appear.

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